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The year of 2011 Fredrik Gard and Mattias Magnusson decided in Thailand and we wanted to extend the contribution to the psytrance genres.
We got the brilliant idea to start a new Swedish record label for it, we called it Spliffpolitics Records, a new label was born in the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden!..
Before the record label started was Spliffpolitics a youtube phenomenon started by Fredrik Gard, that quickly spread around the world with videos/mixes and had the most over 9 million viewers before the account was closed.
Our main aim is to release new artists and DJ´s of all electronic genres to people who likes electronic music from all over the globe!..
If you are interested to get a contract or have any other questions, mail us...

[javascript protected email address]

The artists that were currently featuring in the Spliffpolitics label is the following peoples!..

Fredrik Gard is one of the original founder/creative director of the Spliffpolitics label, he's a Progressive trance/house DJ from Stockholm, Sweden!..

Mattias "White Buddha" Magnusson is one of the original creators of the Spliffpolitics label, he's a Full On, Progressive DJ from Stockholm, Sweden!..

Daniel "DJ Hart" Nicklasson is an Full On, Progressive DJ from Gothenburg, Sweden!..




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